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Littrell Electric LLC

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  • bd1062ec53d07ca444639cad8bc15ce0?s=44&d=mm&r=g Laurel Browning

    I usually only put good reviews on here for companies with whom I have had good or exceptional service. However, this time, I am sorry to say that I am sorely disappointed. In July, I hired Tim Littrell, of Littrell Electric, to perform an annual service/tuneup on my whole house generator. They supposedly changed the oil and installed a new battery, informing me that a new oil stick had been ordered and would be put in place shortly thereafter. By August 1st when the work had not been completed, I inquired and was promised that the part was in stock and the work would be completed “shortly.” Another several weeks went by, I had to inquire again, and then, as I was backing out for work one day, Littrell’s tech was in my driveway asking for payment, saying the job had been completed. Two months since the work was started, I had to keep reaching out to the company vs being kept informed and now, without notice, instant payment is requested as my car is in gear to get to work. The emailed invoice was $100 higher than quoted; I called the owner and protested the price difference and settled for the quoted amount and then paid on the spot, as requested.
    My son later pays me a visit in late September, looks at the generator and emails owner Tim Littrell to express his concerns that the orinigal oil stick is present inside the generator housing, appearing to have been in fine shape and not needing replacement, for which I was charged, and that the battery installed has corrosion on the terminals, in addition to the date on top of the battery was not scratched out to determine the date battery was installed.
    Mr. Littrell promises to finish the work himself and then claims a few days later it is done and all is finished. I choose to believe him, but wonder whether I will hire the company again who took almost three months to finish the job, and who had to be prompted to finish it correctly.
    Fast forward to last week’s power outage in our neighborhood when my generator did NOT power on when CU had their temporary outage. Having lost more than a bit of confidence in Littrell, I did a Google search and checked reviews for another authorized Generac service person, and hired Mr. Electric to find out why my generator failed to supply power when needed, informing them that the battery and oil were installed “new” just a few months prior, so my suspicion was it had to be something else–a different problem.
    Mr. Electric called me at work to inform me that the battery which the previous company installed in my generator is not new, in fact, but is instead a USED battery and is dead! I am being supplied with pictures and a video to document the details. A brand new battery was installed by Mr. Electric and, thanks to Mr. Electric correcting the shoddy and unethical work done by Littrell Electric, the generator is again working like a charm.

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