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Jim Gaudiosi, Attorney at Law PLLC

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    No one wants to have to go through a Bankruptcy, but sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. For us, it was Covid – causing us to lose our primary income. We were sad, nervous we were going to lose our home, and really had no idea how or where to start. Debi answered our initial phone call, and she was so pleasant to speak with. She set us up with an appointment to meet with Jim a few days later. When we arrived to his office we were nervous, concerned, and feeling extremely overwhelmed. Both Jim and Debi are very calm and that helped ease our nerves a bit upon arrival. Jim listened to us pour out all of our fears and problems. He told us about all of the different bankruptcy options, went over our income, loss of income, and debt owed. He told us the benefits and risks of each bankruptcy option and did not pressure us into making any immediate decisions. We went home, discussed everything with each other, emailed Jim and Debi a few additional questions, to which they responded very promptly. We did meet with another attorney, just to make 100% sure we had all of our options (we did not know Jim personally and were not referred to him, so we felt it was best to have a second set of eyes just to be sure we were making the right decision). The second attorney echoed exactly what Jim had told us, but he was a lot more aggressive and we decided we were both much more comfortable with Jim and Debi. We contacted them to let them know we had decided and were ready to file. Jim was so easy to work with. He answered a LOT of repetitive questions from us and never once made us feel bad about being so nervous. We just went to our hearing (via Zoom) and were so happy about how easy the process actually turned out to be (Thank you Jim and Debi!!!) As someone who NEVER thought they would end up in this position and went through every stage of fear and grief before coming to the realization that bankruptcy was the only way out – hold your head up, take a deep breath, and call Jim Gaudiosi. You will be so glad that you did!

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