Modern Performance and Tuning – (602) 633-4132 – Auto Repair Shop
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Modern Performance and Tuning

Business Category: Auto Repair Shop

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  • 84e5835ad00d83d6eef84e0b4da4d10c?s=44&d=mm&r=g Mario Ausberry

    My mechanic shop took my 2005 GTO to the shop to get tuned. I seen a lot of Mustang so I asked the tuner Chris Ortiz how good was he with tuning LS he told me to my face that he didn’t like tuning GTOS and LS . He sat down in my car for 2 mins charged me $250 dollars and said the O2 sensors where bad . So my car went back to the mechanic shop the mechanic shop said the O2 sensors are brand new it went back to the the shop with deferent O2 sensors the next day and he said the same issue. So I took the car to Black Market Racing the tuned the car and nothing was wrong with it. Also the Owner Keith Hellum was referred to another person on Facebook I told them my experience and I got message from the owner stating that he hate Mexicans and black peoples because I told another person my experience

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