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Drain Cleaning

Michelle Directory knows that over time there are many issues that arise within a home’s plumbing and requires drain cleaning or repair.

Drain Cleaning Services

Trees, roots, and other natural entities can grow around your sewer line. This causes lifting, pushing, as well as squeezing inside your sewer and drain lines causing all sorts of issues. In some areas prolonged exposure from expansive wet soil allows structures such as homes and driveways to sink. This happens on a regular basis, and cause the sewer/drain pipes to flatten or belly out. This will cause unwanted clogs and require drain cleaning or plumbing repair.

Full Service Drain Cleaning and Repairs

The qualified plumbing technicians at Michelle Directory have years of experience diagnosing and repairing all types of clogs and other sewer and drain problems. Call a trusted plumbers today for quality drain cleaning.

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Repair sewers/drains
  • Unstop small sewers/drains
  • Backflow prevention certifications
  • Unstop sewer/drain lines
  • Video sewer/drain pipes
  • Unstop storm drains
  • Camera in walls without destroying walls
  • Repair broken sewer/drain lines
  • Water jetting to restore maximum flow
  • Under slab repairs
  • Environmentally friendly sewer/drain cleaning
  • House inspections for act of sale
  • Root-X and enzyme sewer/drain cleaners
  • No need to let those drips, smells or overflows go on another day!

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